Denny McCabe is the “cap’n” of the Ramblers.  Denny has played music since his teenage years, and has provided the drive and the rhythm for many local and touring bands. 

Denny envisioned a musical group that played good music not covered by other bands, and the Ramblers fill that need perfectly. He recruited Bob Smith for vocals, mandolin and banjo, Scott Gallagher, with his high vocals and flaming guitar moves; and Ed Narigon for a solid bass groove. Bob Smith left the Ramblers to relocate to another state for business and we miss him. Denny then recruited Dave Christopher, a talented guitarist and keyboard artist.

Denny is a skilled and powerful vocalist, and has a good ear for solid little-known songs that need to be shared.

A retired “Gold Star” teacher, Denny is the friendliest person you’ll ever meet, and seems to know everyone.  He is happiest when he is drumming, whether it’s with the Ramblers, or as the house drummer for Open Mike Night at Jameson’s Irish Pub.

Denny is also an accomplished bicyclist, completing many RAGBRAI tours; and has recently taken up kayaking.